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    Check Out This Portable Design Factory You Can Bring Home!

    What would you say if I told you that you can purchase a portable little design factory that you can actually bring home? I bet you wouldn’t believe me, but this is actually a reality thanks to the innovative company Mayku! Founded in 2015, Mayku was started by two entrepreneurs from London, Alex Smilansky and Benjamin […]

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    Alexa is Getting a Potty Mouth Thanks to Kohler

    Sometimes, when a tech thing gets very popular, lots of companies get very excited and have big ideas. Often, those ideas are toilet. But, rare and precious are the times when those ideas are literally toilet. Such are the goings-on at CES in Vegas this week, where Kohler has put forward not just a smart […]

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    Our Favorite Smart Home Gift For The Holidays

    This post is sponsored by Walmart and SheKnows Media. ‘Hey Google’ isn’t just something you say to your phone anymore! The Google Home smart home speaker arrived last year to help make your life a little easier, and this year Google is back and smaller than ever! The Google Home Mini is a smart home speaker that […]

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    Here Are All the New Goodies Amazon Just Announced Today

    Amazon knows what time of year it is. With Apple, Samsung, and plenty others unleashing their holiday hopefuls, Amazon was by no means going to stand on the sidelines. At an event earlier today, they announced a ton of brand new hardware, including some major new updates to the Echo and Fire TV. Here’s everything […]

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    The Nanoleaf Aurora Lights Make Smart Lighting Fun

    All too often, smart lighting ends up looking way more boring than it should. With exceptions here and there, we’ve mostly seen connected lights made to look like the lamps and bulbs we’re used to. Nanoleaf decided to shake things up with Aurora, a smart lighting system that dares to have a little design flair. […]

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    The Amazon Tap Can Now Be Used Without Touching the Device

    Showing a total disregard for naming, Amazon is pushing out an update that goes against the Amazon Tap’s name. Starting this week, instead of pushing the microphone button on a Tap to activate Alexa, you can simply say her name — same as most other Alexa-enabled speakers. The update basically turns the Amazon Tap into a […]

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    Brilliant Control is a Brilliant New Way to Control All Your Smart Home Gadgets

    The difficulty in controlling several smart home gadgets is one of the most common refrains in tech today, to the point where it’s probably overstated — smart home hubs like the Amazon Echo are well on their way to becoming all-in-one control centers. But, even with all the voice commands and apps, there’s no replacing the […]

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    Lutron Adds Samsung SmartThing Compatibility to Their Caséta Wireless Smart Home Devices

    CES 2017 bore good news for anyone who has bought into Lutron’s Caséta Wireless smart home devices. In addition to Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, Lutron now works with Samsung SmartThings and the Nest Cam, making for a very impressive list of compatible devices and services. There are some hurdles. Caséta Wireless uses a proprietary wireless connection […]

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    Belkin Adds Google Home Support to Their Wemo Smart Home Products

    Google’s answer to Amazon Alexa is starting to gain some traction in the smart home world. The new Google Assistant made waves when it was introduced on the Pixel phone, but the more significant Google Assistant product announced was Google Home. A speaker and smart home hub like the Amazon Echo, the new assistant can […]

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    Blink Brings Their Home Security Camera Outside With the Blink XT

    We’ve seen a lot of connected home security cameras in the past few years — Wi-Fi cameras that can stream video to a companion app or a web browser. What we’ve seen far less of are connected cameras built for outdoor use. For a while, the Netgear Arlo was the only strong option, and while Netgear […]

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    TCL Updates Their 17-Inch Xess Tablet With Amazon Alexa

    When TCL introduced their 17″ Xess tablet earlier this year, it was meant to be a family communication hub ideal for the kitchen. It could be used by family members or roommates to leave notes and reminders for each other, and parents got the benefit of free Nickelodeon shows for their kids. But, family hub […]

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    Google Announces Their Own Wi-Fi Router and a Smart Home Speaker

    Google is gearing up to claim a big chunk of the smart home market. At their Pixel launch event today, the company also announced Google WiFi and Google Home, a router and smart home speaker. The router can be paired up with other units to create a mesh network, while the smart home speaker will […]

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    Sen.se Launches SensePeanut, a New Line of Simple Smart Home Products

    The idea behind a smart home is that it’s supposed to think for you. In reality, we’re a long, long way from being there, so for the time being, we’ll have to make do with simple. Sensors have gotten very cheap, which has resulted in a torrent of smart home products like motion detectors, security […]

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    Philips Adds a Connected Motion Sensor to Their Hue Lighting System

    In 2012, Philips got in front of smart home lighting with their Hue brand, a series of LED lights that can be controlled using a smartphone. Since then, Philips has spun off their lighting business into a separate company called Philips Lighting, with Hue at the forefront. Usually, we hear about new forms of lighting […]

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    The Logitech Pop Home Switch is the Simplest Smart Home Gadget Yet

      Smart home devices are pretty awesome and can be very convenient or useful, but they are extra devices to connect and control. After all, as cool as smart lights are, flipping a switch is always going to be easier and more natural than doing anything with an app. We’ve seen a few different solutions […]