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    SMS Audio Plans To Build a Ridiculous Dual-Screen Smartphone

    Here’s something different — when CRBT talks about dual screen smartphones, they mean it. They’ve gotten together with SMS Audio to create the Siam 7X, a smartphone with a full-sized eInk display on the back. Why? That’s a good question, and one they’ll have to answer convincingly if their Kickstarter campaign is going to be […]

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    SMS Audio Star Wars Second Edition Headphones Review

    The force is strong with this one. SMS Audio is at it again with the release of the Second Edition of the Star Wars On-Ear headphones. What does that mean for Jedi younglings everywhere? How about the introduction of beautifully sculpted headphones featuring the personalities of Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2-D2, and even a Tie Fighter. […]

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    50 Cent’s SMS Street by 50 ANC Over-Ear Headphone Review

    50 Cent is at it again; this time he presents his Over-Ear Active Noise Canceling (ANC) headphones. While 50’s marketing is not as excessive as Dre’s, he’s pushing out some fantastic competition for Beats. These large-and-in-charge headphones provide up to 70 hours of background silencing, noise canceling, technology with their rechargeable battery. The Street by […]