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    Facebook Takes on Snapchat By Way of Instagram Stories

    It’s easy to forget sometimes, but Instagram belongs to Facebook thanks to a what now seems low $1 billion acquisition in 2012. To his credit, Mark Zuckerberg has stayed fairly hands-off, although Instagram’s changes to their feed this year suggests that may no longer be the case. Here’s the latest hint that Facebook might be taking […]

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    Snapchat Memories Lets You Save Your Snaps on Their Servers

    While Snapchat Memories does add a few interesting new features to the app, let’s not mince words — Snapchat needs a better way to increase ad revenue, and they’re out for it with this update. Memories allows you to save snaps you create, and if that sounds familiar, it’s because you could already do that by […]

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    This Company Wants You To Apply For a Job Using Snapchat

    Well, it’s come to this. Now you can apply for a job using Snapchat. The same app that lets you put a rabbit nose on your face can now earn you a job with viable health insurance. Online retailer Everlane is now accepting job applications submitted via Snapchat. Apparently Snapchat stories are the cover letters of […]

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    18 Snapchat Hacks You Absolutely Need To Know

    It’s been a big spring for Snapchat. In their Chat 2.0 update, they introduced new features like the ability to make video and audio calls with one tap, or even with stickers! It also launched Auto-Advance Stories — when you finish one, the next one now begins automatically. Basically, the world runs on Snaps now. Since starting up in 2011, the […]

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    Snapchat Becomes the Best Messenger App With Their Chat 2.0 Update

    Snapchat had already established itself as a player in the world of messaging apps with Chat, but this week’s update could put them over the top. Chat 2.0 is packed with little updates and new features to create some of the most dynamic ongoing conversations we’ve seen in any app thus far. The main idea […]

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    Viber Releases Its Own Version of Snapchat

    Snapchat doesn’t have the market cornered on disappearing pictures after all. Viber, which has been doing some cool stuff outside of its normal messaging features, has now released a somewhat standalone app to take on Snapchat directly. It’s called Viber Wink, but there’s one little catch — you need to have the original Viber app […]

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    WindUp is a Serious Snapchat Alternative for Windows Phone

    If you can’t join ’em, beat’em. That is exactly what Windows Phone is trying to do with their latest app, which was developed in house by Microsoft to be a direct competitor to Snapchat. Like the popular Snapchat, WindUp lets you create and send temporary messages. The app lets you decide how long the message […]

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    Snapchat Adds Text and Video Chats

    Now that Snapchat has turned down billions, they probably figured that they maybe needed to move on from sending disappearing pictures – do at least a little something else. So, true to their name, they added chat. And video chat. All disappearing, of course. It’s hard to make a new messenger service and compete, which […]

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    PingTune is like Snapchat for Music Fiends

    It’s hard to make comparisons – they usually break down after a while. But, as far as comparisons go, this one works pretty well – PingTune is pretty much Snapchat for music, and that’s a pretty great thing for people who like to share new music with their friends. With PingTune, you can send songs […]