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    Sol Republic’s Truly Wireless Amps Air Review

    Now that Apple’s AirPods are finally out, a lot of people are wondering what alternatives are there? Maybe you’re looking for a pair of buds that are actually in-ear or something more compatible with your devices. Sol Republic, a brand known for their bold designs and high quality headphones, has released their very own pair […]

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    Sol Republic Deck Ultra Review

    Sol Republic’s Deck Speaker was one of the standout speakers of 2014. Between its fun color choices, and the fact that it was jam packed with features, the Deck rocked. So how do you make a great portable speaker even greater? Sol Republic has redesigned the Deck so that its second generation speaker is more […]

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    SOL Republic PUNK Wireless Speaker Review

    SOL Republic’s PUNK is their tiniest Bluetooth speaker yet, and the company’s first entry into the ultraportable Bluetooth speaker arena. This little speaker is small enough to hold in one hand and carry around in some pockets. But don’t let its petite size fool you, because it’s a lot more powerful then most other ultraportable […]

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    Sol Republic’s Latest Speaker is for Punks

    Sol Republic is following up last year’s Deck wireless speaker with Punk, a tiny rugged portable speaker. The Sol Republic Punk is tiny but tough, with dust, water, and shock resistance. But what sets it apart from other portable wireless speakers is the 1/4″ threaded mount that lets you use the Punk with third party bike […]

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    Sol Republic Tracks Air Bluetooth Headphones Review

    The Sol Republic Tracks Air are wireless bluetooth headphones done right. Sol Republic essentially turned their popular Tracks On-Ears into bluetooth headphones that boast a 15-hour battery, an unmatched range, NFC/bluetooth connectivity, and dual-device connectivity. It’s also hard not to love them for their unique appearance, colors, and unparalleled durability. When it comes to design, […]

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    Sol Republic Relays In-Ear Sports Headphone Review

    Over just a few years Sol Republic has made a huge name for themselves in the headphone market, and rightfully so. The Sol Republics look great, sound great, and are well built, plus the company knows how to market (professor meowington, Michael Phelps). The latest Sol Republic Relays aren’t just the best new in-ear gym […]

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    Sol Republic Relays are Not Just For Working Out

    Sol Republic is at CES with Relays, a new pair of earphones that the company says the solves the problem of needing separate earphones for exercise and daily life. I am not wholly convinced that is a real problem – be that as it may, the Relays do look stylish enough in their own right […]

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    SOL Republic DECK Wireless Speaker Review

    SOL Republic’s first speaker, DECK, first launched alongside Motorola’s customizable Moto X smartphone. So like with SOL Republic’s other products, it’s designed to compliment the colorful Moto X. DECK sports a somewhat unusual flat and slim, but attractive design, with the SOL Republic logo emblazoned on its face. And the logo has a special trick, […]

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    SOL Republic DECK Wireless Speaker Matches the Moto X

    What’s a smartphone reveal without the accompanying train of accessories? Moto X delivers, with Motorola and SOL Republic announcing that they have joined forces to support Google’s crack at a trendy phone with a bunch of extra goodies. The result is the DECK Wireless Speaker, a portable speaker with big sound, big range, and no […]

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    Moto X is a Phone for the Fashionista in All of Us [Video]

    Hot on the heel’s of last week’s Droid announcements, Motorola has introduced the Moto X. Under the hood, the Moto X packs in a lot of the same technologies as the Droid – including the powerful X8 Mobile Computing System and heavy integration and emphasis on Google Now. But externally, the Moto X is a […]

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    Win a Pair of Sol Republic Tokidoki Tracks HD Headphones! [10 Up for Grabs]

    Sol Republic’s latest headphone collaboration brings together two of our most favorite things – Tokidoki style and Tracks HD headphones. To that effect, the new Tokidoki Tracks HD On-earphones are some of the neatest-looking headphones we have ever laid eyes upon. The headphones retail each for $149 and come with an interchangeable cable with mic, […]

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    Tokidoki x SOL REPUBLIC Headphones Delivers the Goods [Review]

    Art, fashion, and technology – would you ever imagine using those words when describing a pair of headphones? That is exactly what SOL REPUBLIC achieved when they collaborated with Tokidoki’s  Simone Legno. The Tokidoki x SOL REPUBLIC headphones are simply audio art candy for your head. To that effect, the partnership has produced not one […]