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    Sony’s New Xperia XZ2 Smartphone is Ready to Rumble

    It’s well-worn ground — a new premium Android smartphone is basically the same as all the others, so the company behind it throws in some unexpected, off-the-wall feature to shake things up. This week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Sony took that literally, introducing a new premium smartphone that rumbles along with audio, whether that’s […]

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    The Sony RX10 IV is a Fixed-lens Handheld Camera That Can Take Some Incredible Action Shots

    Sony has been doing some terrific work with their mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, but they haven’t forgotten about their fixed-lens lineup. The RX10 is getting a refresh today with the announcement of the RX10 IV, which adds some pretty impressive autofocus and continuous shooting features to what was already a pretty impressive handheld camera. With […]

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    Sony Returns to Making Vinyl Records After 28 Years

    What started as a niche retro movement has gained an unexpected amount of steam — interest in turntables and vinyl records has shot up so much that one of the major players in music is going to start producing them again. Sony has announced that they will produce and sell vinyl records again after a 28-year […]

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    Sony Unleashes the Fastest SD Cards on the Market Yet

    As is tradition come time for Mobile World Congress, a new speed king is being crowned in the kingdom of SD cards. Last year, SanDisk impressed with a microSD card boasting 275 MB/s transfer speeds, but they’re being topped this year by Sony. Sony’s new SF-G series SD cards are capable of up to 300 […]

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    Sony Might Just Have the OLED TV to Beat at CES 2017

    Ever since Samsung and Sony popped in and out of the United States OLED market a few years ago, LG has gone unchallenged in the world of OLED TVs. That’s changing at CES 2017, as Sony has announced their new line of Bravia OLED TVs. Combining the superior color contrast and spectrum of OLED with […]

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    Sony Announces the RX100 V and a6500, Two New Ultra-Fast Cameras

    Sony’s been doing some impressive things in photography for ages now, but we’ve really been impressed with what they’ve released in the last few years. That continues this week — today, Sony announced the RX100 V and a6500, both of which take jumps forward in shutter speed, enabling some pretty incredible continuous shooting options. The a6500 […]

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    The PlayStation 4 Pro Can Handle 4k and HDR Gaming

    Gaming in 4k resolution is finally coming to consoles. At a press conference today, Sony confirmed the much-rumored PlayStation Neo, which is now called the PlayStation 4 Pro. With a new CPU and GPU, the PS4 Pro can now handle 4k resolution and HDR, but it’s not quite a dream console. The PS4 Pro looks […]

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    Sony’s New Lens is Perfect for Your Up-Close Flower Shots

    Sony’s newest camera lens has its focus on the everyday user. The SEL50M28 is a full-frame 50 mm f/2.8 macro lens that works with any of their E-mount cameras. It promises to be a solid everyday lens, but it sounds like it will really shine when taking up-close shots with a narrow focus. That means […]

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    A Huge Chunk of the PS3 Library Will Soon Be Playable on PC

    It’s a good time to be a PC gamer. More and more Xbox One games will be released for both the console and Windows 10, an increasing number of third party games are getting PC ports (the quality of which admittedly varies), and now just about the whole PlayStation 3 library is becoming available. Yesterday, Sony […]

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    Sony Caves In, Says They’re Going To Make Games for iPhone

    Looks like 2016 will be the year the traditional giants of gaming stop ignoring the allure of the mobile market. After the launch of Nintendo’s long-talked about foray into smartphone games last week, Sony is following suit with the brief announcement of a new in-house studio that will be dedicated to smartphones. Sony Corporate Entertainment […]

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    Sony’s Artsy Life Space UX Line is Coming to the MoMA Store

    Sony had a fairly quiet CES this year, but one interesting thing they had on display was their new Life Space UX products. Intended to put a designer touch on home electronics, the trio of elegant devices were cool showpieces, but we were left uncertain if they would ever go on sale in the United […]

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    PlayStation VR Will Be the Cheapest VR Headset at $400

    A new kind of console war is about to break out this year, with the big three virtual reality headsets — PlayStation VR, the HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift — all scheduled for release sometime this year. With the Oculus Rift shipping out on March 28 and the Vive just a week later on April […]

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    Sony’s PS-HX500 Turntable Brings Out the Best in Vinyl and Modern Sound

    This week at CES 2016, Sony added a reference quality turntable, the PS-HX500, to their line-up of hi-res audio products. This turntable accommodates audiophiles who love their LPs and want the best sound possible to come from them while letting you create high-quality rips of vinyl records. The PS-HX500 uses Sony’s state-of-the-art digital tech resulting […]

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    Sony and Best Buy Team Up to Create Hi-Res Audio Listening Centers

    Sony has been actively promoting the idea of hi-res audio since the re-release of the Walkman as a high-end audiophile product last year. Sony’s concept of hi-res audio includes high bitrate playback of uncompressed music files, along with more powerful amplifiers and digital-to-analog converters. They’ve made a couple players with that have earned the hi-res […]