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    Speck Goes Glitzy With Glitter CandyShell Clear Cases

    Don’t let the glittery exterior of these cases fool you, because these case are tough! To that effect, Speck is ringing in summer with some sparkle this year. The smartphone case maker is releasing a new line of glitter-bombed clear CandyShell cases, and they won’t be losing their shine anytime soon. Instead of just gluing […]

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    7 of the Best Galaxy S7 Edge Cases

    There’s a small but not insignificant benefit to buying a Samsung Galaxy S phone that no one ever talks about — you’ll always have access to the best-looking designer cases on the market. While a few cases get made for other phones, Samsung and Apple are sure bets to get attention from all of the […]

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    Speck Candy Shell Clear for iPhone 6/6s Review

    Would you like to protect your beautiful new iPhone without covering up all that machined aluminum with a case? The new Candy Shell Clear case from Speck will do just that while giving your phone the same great protection we’ve come to expect from Speck. The Candy Shell Clear case offers serious protection, and it’s […]

  • Speck_PocketVR 5


    Speck Pocket VR Transforms Your Phone Into A Portable VR Machine

    With Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and the HTC Vive on the horizon, it’s safe to say that 2016 is going to be the year of virtual reality. But, past the giants who will really start pushing the envelope, there’s a second tier of simpler gadgets that use smartphones to power lighter VR entertainment experiences — […]

  • DSC00122


    Speck’s First Backpack Knocks it Out of the Park

    In our never-ending search for the perfect backpack, it seems there is no happy medium between the ultra-protective behemoth that makes us look like a hitch-hiker, and the oh-so-fashionable backpack that lacks sufficient pockets. Speck, the popular mobile case maker, must have heard our complaints as its new line of MightyPack backpacks check all our […]

  • screenshot_242


    Speck Finally Puts a Wrapper on Their Delicious CandyShell Cases

    Speck’s long-running CandyShell line of smartphone cases is finally getting a wrapper – the company’s first cover case. The CandyShell Wrap is debuting for the iPhone 6, and it looks like it’ll provide all the great protection we expect from Speck, now on both sides of the phone. The back of the case is still […]

  • DSC00653

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    Speck CandyShell and CandyShell Grip iPhone 6 Case Reviews

    iPhone 6 is out and in need of extra protection. It’s no surprise that Speck was able to deliver on an array of fab and protective cases just in time for iPhone’s release. We’ve been playing with their classic CandyShell and CandyShell Grip for over a week, and they’re just as good as ever. The […]

  • screenshot_87


    CandyShell Amped Case Makes the iPhone 2X Louder, Sans Batteries

    Speck’s CandyShell cases have always been pleasing to the eye, but with their new iPhone 5/5S cases, they’re aiming to please the ears, too. The CandyShell Amped cases have the same dual-layer design as the other CandyShell cases, but with a twist. On the side of the case, there’s something resembling a speaker grille. Why? […]

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    Speck CandyShell Card for iPhone 5/5s Review

    Are you tired of carrying around both your wallet and your phone? Then take a look at Speck’s new CandyShell Card case for the iPhone 5s. There are other cases that will allow you to carry a few credit cards, but Speck is continuing to use its’ rather innovative design for holding cards. Rather than […]

  • IMG_2001

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    Speck StyleFolio iPad Air Case Review

    The new iPad air is so sleek and light, the last thing you want to do is cover it up with a bulky case. For a slimmer option, check out the new StyleFolio from Speck. This case is lightweight and adds minimal bulk to the thickness of the iPad. But at the same time you […]

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    Speck CandyShell + Faceplate for iPhone 5S Review

    Speck’s iconic CandyShell case has been the subject of many imitation iPhone cases lately, but it’s hard to top Speck’s style and freshness. Their latest to the scene is the CandyShell + Faceplate for iPhone 5/5S, which makes your phone look more delicious than ever. Speck now offers iPhone 360 degree protection in the same […]

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    Speck HandyShell for iPad Mini Review

    I’ve always been weary of iPad cases without a front cover, until I met the Speck HandyShell for iPad Mini–the most usable case I’ve ever used. The HandyShell is a formfitting iPad case that has an extremely sturdy handle/stand. With the HandyShell there’s no fiddling around to get the perfect viewing angle. You can literally […]