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    Sphero’s Latest Droid Companion is R2-Q5, R2-D2’s Evil Twin

    In 2015, a gold mine opened up in front of Sphero. Makers of little app-controlled robotic balls, the company hit the big time when BB-8 made his debut in one of the trailers for The Force Awakens. Sphero produced a BB-8 version of their robot ball that autumn, and they’ve been a holiday force to be […]

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    Sphero’s BB-8 Will Respond to Watching the Force Awakens

    Do you own your own copy of The Force Awakens? Do you have a Sphero BB-8? Excellent. Clear out a few hours, because you need to rewatch the movie (again) for the best bonus content ever — watching your own droid react to the movie as it’s playing. We can’t help but be impressed with […]

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    BB-8 Droid Toy is Why Sphero Was Created

    When Sphero, the app-controlled ball, launched in 2012, we thought it was cool, but also just a ball that rolled around on the floor. It was not the most compelling toy, and we promptly forgot about it. Well, serendipity happened, and Sphero’s true potential has finally been unlocked. BB-8 is the droid Sphero was created […]