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    Square Cash is Seriously the Easiest Way to Share Restaurant Bills

    Dinner and drinks with friends? That’s what makes the work week worthwhile. Figuring out the bill and doing the money shuffle? Less fun, especially in the post-cash era (I’ll be honest with you, I can’t remember the last time I saw actual green in my wallet). Thankfully, there’s a new shade of green I’m seeing […]

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    How Drones and Smart Devices Are Changing the World

    We’re on the precipice of an exciting era. Smart devices are becoming connected in increasingly meaningful ways, providing businesses and people alike with meaningful data and analysis. Businesses are going to enjoy huge increases to productivity as processes become more efficient, while the everyday person will be able to care for their home more easily […]

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    Why We Can’t Live Without Dropbox

    Dropbox — they’ve been doing cloud storage since before it was cool. While competition has become fiercer over the years, Dropbox still remains the go-to cloud storage service for people and businesses worldwide — businesses like ours! We’re a small team, and there’s a lot of ground to cover in the world of tech. We’re […]

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    Here’s A Super Simple Way to Keep Your Laptop Screen Private

    If you need proof that visual hacking — someone snooping over your shoulder while you’re using your smartphone or laptop — is a big problem, look no further than Tomb Raider. It’s not something Lara Croft needs to worry about, but it might have gotten her development team into trouble! In October of this year, […]

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    This One Service is Hanging Up on Conference Call Pain Points

    There are so many little details that can have hugely positive — or negative — effects on your business. Conference calls seem like one of those little details, but don’t sleep on them. Those calls are usually where your business interacts with co-workers, clients and even investors or media. A poor call can make your […]

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    How to Stop Visual Hacking. Yes, That’s a Thing!

    This post brought to you by 3M. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Chip Chick. When you think about a hacker, what comes to mind? Movies are filled with sweatshirt-clad, bespectacled men and women hammering away furiously on keyboards and spouting a bunch of techno-babble that, in the case of Hollywood, probably […]