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    This Steampunk Disney Crossover Runs Like Clockwork!

    Ever thought Disney needed a larger dose of clockwork, steam power, and Victorian sensibilities? Artist HelleeTitch definitely did, and after seeing her series of Disney characters drawn steampunk style, we can’t say we disagree! We’ve got our favorites from her collection here, and if you like what you see, you should head on over to her […]

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    Steampunk Case for the iPhone 4 Looks Like a Relic of the Past

    When it comes to iPhone and iPod Touch cases, we thought we had seen it all until we spotted these Steampunk Cases on Etsy. Yes, these exquisitely intricate cases hark back to a time when there was no such thing as an iPhone or iPod Touch. However, just because these cases support both these devices, […]

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    Steampunk Haunted House Tour in NYC

    So Halloween is on Saturday… you can dress up like some silly witch, put on an Obama mask or you can go see something completely awesome like the Steampunk Haunted House in NYC. Created by performance and installation artists you can tour a house decked out in mechanical gears, steam-powered cyborgs, and more. “The Steampunk […]