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    This Innovative Summer Camp Caters To Kids Interested in STEM Careers

    Careers in STEM are on the rise, and one thing you can do to set your kids up for a career path in the science, technology, engineering, and math industries is to consider sending them to this innovative summer camp! iD Tech is the leader here in America for summertime STEM programs. They have 50,000 […]

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    5 Innovative Products To Cheer Girls On For STEM

    Women are certainly not the majority in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields (STEM). It’s important to help encourage girls from an early age if they have an interest in these fields and let them know that they can do it too. These 5 innovative products can certainly help change the path for young […]

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    Research Says Girls Are Still Losing Interest in STEM Subjects as They Get Older – The Question is Why

    Million Women Mentors, the National Girls Collaborative Project, Black Girls Code, Girls Who Code — only a handful of the many organizations that have popped up to encourage women and girls to get into STEM subjects and careers. It’s a response to an enduring gender gap in tech, with a World Economic Forum report indicating that […]

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    Microsoft Gets Real With Young Girls to Get Them to Stay in STEM

    Kids dream. That’s what they do, until they start getting told not to dream anymore — I think that’s what’s called adulthood. But, nothing gets done without dreams, so us adults aren’t doing ourselves any favors by not encouraging kids to achieve. There’s no better example than girls and STEM. Microsoft, like a lot of us, […]

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    Playing to Code: 8 Awesome Toys That Teach Kids to Code

    Learning to code is quickly becoming of the new “musts” for a child’s education. “Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic” is quickly being upstaged by the new kid in town. Walking the show floor at the NY Toy Fair this week gave us a good sense of the imaginative and varied ways to learn about coding while […]

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    Puzzlets is a Sneaky Toy That Teaches Kids Coding

    Digital Dream Labs isn’t going to create any five-year-old programming prodigies with Puzzlets, but they’re hoping to foster an early affinity for STEAM learning that will lay the groundwork for future Silicon Valley success by helping kids think like a programmer. If you’re wondering, yeah, it’s STEAM now — the A is for arts, which […]