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    We Think This Artist’s Stranger Things Fan Art Skills Might Have Come From the Upside Down

    We can’t come up with an alternate explanation — Juan Carlos Ruiz’s digital art of the characters from Stranger Things is just that good! He’s done two series of portraits for the two seasons, and they both capture everyone’s personalities perfectly. The faded, torn binder paper background is a nice touch, too — very ’80s! Check them out, […]

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    Funko Frenzy – Stranger Things, a Bunch of Glitter, and More!

    Got a shelf (or room) dedicated to Funko figurines? Then we’re guessing you get as excited as we do for new Funko releases — and they come fast and furious these days. Funko basically has an iron grip on our wallets with their Pops and plushies, and they’re not letting go anytime soon. Here’s the good […]

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    This Artist Crossed Over the Cast of Stranger Things With the X-Men, and Now We Really Want This to Be a Movie

    What would happen if Hawkins National Lab got hold of the whole town? Well, if this crossover of Stranger Things and the X-Men is any indication, it’d be pretty sweet! Kode A. is an artist from Melbourne who goes by the handle bosslogic, and he’s done an incredible job imagining the cast of Stranger Things as the mutants of […]

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    The New Funko Stranger Things Figurines Let the Adults Have Some Fun

    Funko already revealed some action figures of the Stranger Things crew earlier this summer, but they’re far from done. They’re also hitting us with new sets of Mystery Minis, Plushies, and even a new group of Pop figurines! They’re really out for our cash this year. Of course, Funko’s first run of Stranger Things Pops featured all the […]

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    Funko is Releasing Stranger Things Action Figures this Summer

    Running your own Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons campaign is about to get even better. Alright, they might not be miniatures, but I don’t see why these six new action figures from Funko can’t fill in nicely on your tabletop! Coming after their Stranger Things vinyl Pop figurines, these new fully articulated figures are all from Funko’s 3¾″ Action […]

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    MTV Gave Their First Gender-Neutral Acting Award to Emma Watson

    MTV has made big changes to their annual awards show over the years! What used to be the MTV Movie Awards now encompasses movie and television, and this year they made history by combining the best actor and actress categories into one. MTV now has a single best actor award for both movies and TV […]