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    Roku Has Jammed 4K and HDR Support into One of Their Streaming Sticks

    Roku just announced their annual streamer device refresh, and it’s very good news for anyone looking to get 4K and HDR support at a more affordable price this year. Once again they’ve got five devices to choose from, but the biggest development is a new streaming stick capable of 4K and HDR playback — great for […]

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    Netflix is the Top Streaming Service by Leaps and Bounds

    Netflix has been getting a lot of competition lately. Amazon has been producing their own original series for years now, with Hulu and YouTube jumping into the fray more recently. Even Snap and Facebook are getting in on the action! Too bad they’ve got a long way to go — the latest numbers indicate Netflix is […]

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    Sling TV’s DVR Features Just Got Significantly Improved

    Now that there are so many streaming TV services, competition is really heating up. That means more and more features, and the most requested features almost always involve DVR. Streaming live TV is great, but until we all have 24/7 free time, DVR is going to be non-negotiable for anyone who wants to ditch cable. […]

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    Sling TV Expands its Cloud DVR Beta to Amazon Users

    Sling TV is still working out how to implement what’s likely their most requested feature — DVR. Sling TV rolled out a cloud DVR feature to Roku users late last year, and now they’re adding it to a new First Look program. But, there’s been some changes made, and the beta still won’t be open to […]

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    YouTube TV is a Streaming TV Service with Unlimited Cloud DVR

    YouTube is becoming ThemTube. The video hosting site that first got big featuring random videos from random people is now getting into pay TV thanks to the cord-cutting trend. Announced today, YouTube TV is a streaming television service that will include over 40 channels for $35 per month, plus unlimited cloud DVR. It looks like […]

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    Sling TV Can Now Stream to Multiple Devices, Sort Of

    Sling TV has been the darling of cord cutters everywhere, bringing a selection of popular cable channels to homes over an internet connection. Axing your cable bill and still getting access to ESPN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, TNT, and a bunch of other channels for $20 per month seems like a no-brainer, but there’s always been one […]