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    Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show With 300 Dancing Drones Had Help from Intel

    Yesterday was the Super Bowl, and Lady Gaga gave an incredible halftime performance because she’s a consummate professional and that’s what she does. Her coming down from the roof, giving shouts out to her mom and dad mid-song, rocking the classics, and ending everything with a mic spike probably would have been enough, but she […]

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    These Tostitos Bags Can Tell if You’ve Been Drinking Alcohol

    Just in time for next Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, Tostitos has a special something for football fans. No, it’s not a commercial, although they might have one of those, too — it’s a chip bag that can detect the presence of alcohol on your breath. The bag […]

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    6 Super Bowl Commercials You Must Watch

    The Super Bowl! Forget football, Super Bowl Sunday is the third most important observance on the calendar of the Church of Commercialism, just behind Black Friday and Christmas. On this holy day, we gather ’round tables of chips and all manner of dips, fervently, passionately waiting for thirty-second (or—ecstasy!—more) spots that cost more than the […]

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    Hands-On With the 2013 Lexus GS 350 and GS 450h

    The 2013 Lexus GS 350 and GS 450h hybrid is ready to tear up the roads. We aren’t talking about the Lexus GS of yore, no this new baby has got the muscle and looks to make you tingle with excitement. The best of both worlds have collided with the GS, there is horsepower, a […]

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    BlackBerry App of the Week: Pro Football Insider for the Committed NFL Fan

    Football stats, scores, and standings aren’t hard to find. The Internet is awash in sports news sites dedicated to compiling those on a weekly basis. Up-to-date insider information for the die-hard fan? Not as easy (at least, not unless you want to pony up for subscriptions like ESPN Insider). Pro Football Insider delivers, keeping users […]

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    5 Things That Will Get You Through Super Bowl XLVI

    It’s not a national holiday, but at this point, that might only be because it falls on Sunday – any other day, and it would probably turn into the biggest call-in-sick day of the year. Super Bowl XLVI is coming up this Sunday, which is cause for more celebration than usual this year – six […]