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    Speedo Shine is a Wearable for Swimmers

    Swimmers are finally getting some love from fitness trackers: The cute-as-a-button MisFit Shine is teaming up with Speedo to create Speedo Shine, an all-round activity tracker that is customized for serious swimming. After all, “One of the most difficult parts of swimming for fitness is keeping track of laps,” according to brand ambassador and Olympic […]

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    9 Geeky Floaties for Your Next Pool Party

    The earth is tilting the other way now, and everyone in the northern hemisphere is getting reacquainted with the pursuit of minimizing time not spent in water or air conditioned rooms. Thanks to the recent slew of waterproof and floating devices, taking a dip doesn’t mean being away from your gadgets, either. Now you just […]

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    AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor Review

    Attention swimmers: it might be time to push yourself to the next level. Thanks to the AquaPulse heart rate monitor, you can do so safely and efficiently. It’s been a long time coming for this little waterproof heart rate monitor by Finis. The AquaPulse by Finis uses infrared technology to track your heart rate via […]

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    Listen to Your Heart While Swimming with the AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor

    Finis has come out with the AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor, a waterproof device designed for swimmers and water fitness enthusiasts to wear in the water. For professional swimmers, the AquaPulse allows them to be aware of their performance while they’re doing laps. But the AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor isn’t just useful for pro swimmers, it’s […]

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    Speedo’s Waterproof Aquashot Camera Floats on Water

    Once upon a time apparel companies made just apparel, but those days are over. Speedo who traditionally has been a swimwear and accessories manufacturer has unleashed yet another Waterproof gadget to join the company of its previous Aquabeat Waterproof MP3 player. The Speedo Aquashot can be submerged up-to 3 meters and is shock resistant to […]

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    Swimsense Swimming Performance Monitor Measures Laps with Apps

    Swimsense from Finis is a new performance monitoring device that is designed to wear on your wrist while swimming, so that you can keep on top of all of your stats in the water. Using a built-in accelerometer and magnetometer, Swimsense is able to automatically record the number of laps, total distance, calories burned, lap […]