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    Inside the GM OnStar Infotainment Call Center

    When you think of call centers, you probably don’t imagine a high-tech state of the art facility that looks like it’s straight out of a spy film. Which is why we were so surprised when we were given a tour of GM OnStar’s Infotainment call center in Austin, Texas. The Infotainment call center is where […]

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    WannaGo is Yelp For Your Inner Circle of Friends

    There’s been a lot of talk in startup circles about reining in the use of widespread search and recommendation services like Yelp, in favor of more localized, tightly knit networks. One of those is WannaGo, an app that keeps track of your favorite places while letting you know about discoveries that your closest friends have […]

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    Mindy Kaling Talks Fitbit and Mouth Puzzles

    Mindy Kaling rocked SXSW with some revolutionary fitness ideas that, somehow, seem to fit right with the startup crowd hunkered down in Austin. She’s talking about mouth puzzles, and if this interview went off within earshot of a venture capitalist, well, you never know what the future will hold. Our own Jennifer Jolly sat down […]

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    ROIKOI App Lets You Rank Good and Bad Co-Workers

    The gamification of life continues apace. Maybe someday, we’ll find a way to win the game of life that doesn’t involve blue and pink pegs in a little plastic car. Until then, we can always work out how to compete – we saw fitness made into a game with a lot of fitness trackers, and […]

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    How To Be a Brand Whore at SXSW

    South by South West is in its 27th year, and it has come a long way from its grass roots origins. A show that used to be about discovering all things indie and new in the world of music, film and tech, has now become not only a celebrity destination, but a hot mess of […]

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    LoVe Was in the Air at SXSW Veronica Mars Movie Premiere

    $5.7 million dollars later; the Veronica Mars movie has premiered almost a month to the date that the record breaking Kickstarter project began. Marshmallows who were lucky enough to be attending SXSW in Austin this week – were amongst the first to watch the premiere of the Veronica Mars movie. It has been a long […]

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    Come on Feel the Noise: Beats Music App Coming to Chevrolet AppShop

    Beats Music, the new streaming music service from Beats, isn’t even a few months old and it’s already migrating to the newest of app platforms – the car. At SXSW, Chevrolet announced that Beats Music will be available on the Chevrolet AppShop. The Chevrolet AppShop, which will be accessible via the MyLink display in Chevrolet […]