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    What Disney Characters Would Look Like With Tattoos

    Disney characters are the epitome of clean-cut and perfect. Could you imagine a world where your Disney favorites sported tattoos and even piercings? It’s hard to believe, but here they are, all inked up and grown up courtesy of the talented and imaginative artists Diego Gómez and Laura Evelyn Edwards! Can you say bad to […]

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    These Recipe Tattoos Are Good Enough to Eat

    Recipes in the kitchen are coming full circle. They’ve gone from word-of-mouth to the pages of cookbooks to the screens of tablets, and now they’re heading back to the human body—this time, in temporary tattoo form. Marina Cinciripini and Sarah Richiuso, a couple of design students from the culinary wonderland of Italy, came up with I […]

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    Temporary Tattoos Just a Got a 3D Makeover

    Looks like temporary tattoos are no longer content to just be temporary tattoos. They’re stepping their game up, and heading into the world of 3D – well, kind of, anyway. Tattoos Alive make temporary tattoos that start out as pretty standard – cartoon characters that you wet and stick on yourself. That’s when you pull […]