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    Tesoro Olivant Pro Gaming Headset Review

    Tesoro is a relatively new company to gaming peripherals, but they’re off to a good start. We took a look at their Sagitta Spectrum mouse and Gram Spectrum mechanical keyboard and came away impressed — both had terrific build quality, sleek design, and reliable performance. They’ve established that they have some expertise in those two markets, […]

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    Tesoro Gram Spectrum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

    Mechanical keyboards! They’re the best, at least if you’re an avid gamer or writer. Unlike shallower scissor-style key switches (see, the MacBook) or silicone dome switches, good old mechanical switches feature more key travel, are far more durable, and tend to be far more accurate and reliable for typists and gamers. Roommates probably won’t like […]

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    Tesoro Sagitta Spectrum Gaming Mouse Review

    Gaming isn’t what it used to be. What was once a niche hobby is now a multi-billion dollar industry that has become so large, professional leagues have sprung up around some of the most popular online games. And, now that there’s big money in esports to go along with those leagues, everyone wants a piece […]