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    Netflix Gives the Defenders One More Hype Trailer Before its Debut Tomorrow

    Netflix must have decided you needed a little more convincing to binge watch Marvel’s The Defenders tomorrow, because they’ve posted the most last minute of trailers today. The latest on-screen superhero team will bring together Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, the Iron Fist, and Daredevil to defend the greater New York area — universe-wide threats are for the movies! […]

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    Marvel is Having a Lot of Fun Promoting the Defenders on Twitter

    Twitter has been revolutionary for a lot of reasons. Usually not good reasons, but you know, it’s been transformative. Hasn’t been all bad, though — the social media people at Marvel are having the times of their lives with The Defenders, setting up rivalries between the Netflix heroes before the show is ready to get binged. Get […]

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    Marvel’s Netflix Heroes Finally Team Up in the Defenders Trailer

    As always with Marvel, the goal is dysfunctional teamwork. Now that they’ve got a nice stable of Netflix originals running, it’s time to get them all together for a superseries — The Defenders. Marvel and Netflix got started with Daredevil in April 2015, which proved to be a hit. It was followed by Jessica Jones later in the year, […]