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    These Adorable Funko Horror Figurines are Still Pretty Creepy

    It’s how it goes in the world of horror — cuteness makes everything scarier. Kids and dolls are always bad news, and when something looks nice and sweet, it’s probably about to kill someone. So yeah, Funko’s new Dorbz figurines of horror characters? Probably even creepier than the usual figurines. Granted, Beetlejuice and Gizmo aren’t super […]

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    Funko Has New Figurines from The Shining, and One of Them is Just the Coolest

    It’s been all work and no play for Funko this summer. They’ve been prepping loads of new figurines to ship out this summer, including some horror-themed sets. Well, here’s another set of scares — a small new group of Pop figurines from The Shining. The figurines are based on Stanley Kubrick’s classic adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel, […]