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    Here’s What Would Happen if Doctor Who Took the TARDIS to Springfield

    It’s a plausible episode for both shows, right? If Homer can end up being transported to the real world in that one Treehouse of Horror episode, the Doctor can certainly wind up in Springfield! Artist Dean T Fraser is only encouraging us — for a while now, he’s been turning Doctor Who characters from throughout the show’s […]

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    Bart Simpson Now Has an Official Bicycle, and You Can Buy It

    The pedal power of State Bicycle Co. is meeting the peddle power of The Simpsons. The two are joining forces to create a whole line of Simpsons-themed bikes and accessories. Hey, it’s not skateboards, but we’re not complaining. The marquee additions are the Chromoly steel bikes patterned after the show. The Color Block bike has a white […]

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    The Simpsons Predicted Lady Gaga’s Halftime Performance Way Back in 2012

    It’s probably safe to assume that anyone who’s ever written for The Simpsons is actually a time traveler — hey, it’d help explain how the show has made it 28 seasons and counting. The Simpsons accurately predicting the future is full-on thing now, having called President Trump in 2000, horse meat scandals, and the persistence of Rolling Stones […]

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    The World’s Very First Simpsons Store Opens Up in Beijing

    Finally, after 27 seasons, The Simpsons is going retail. Well, there was that one time a bunch of 7-Elevens became Kwik-E-Marts when the movie was coming out, but I’m not sure if that counts. This one definitely counts, though — an official, merch-filled retail store opened up today in Beijing, China, and we’re kinda having a cow, […]

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    Homer Simpson Gets the Making a Murderer Treatment

    Netflix’ Making a Murderer documentary series is the latest hit in the admittedly off-putting but seemingly irresistible true crime genre. The series follows the story of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man who was exonerated 18 years after being wrongly convicted of sexual assault, all to be accused of first degree murder and sentenced to life […]

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    Matt Groening May Be Working On a New Animated Series for Netflix

    Now that Netflix has established itself as a major player in original content, they’re going full speed ahead. They’ve decided to order even more new original series in the quest to become the television channel of the future, and it looks like one of those series might come from Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening, […]

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    22 of the Geekiest Ugly Christmas Sweaters Money Can Buy

    The ugly Christmas sweater is a holiday tradition that transcends denominations — if we can’t all be unified in glorious tackiness, there really is no hope for us. And, because the holiday season is all about hope, we’re going to deliver enough ugly, geeky sweaters to last you almost the entire month of December up […]

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    Who Wants a Glass of Simpsons Wine?

    I’m betting the people behind this project didn’t know that a series of one-minute shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show would go on to be one of the longest running shows of all time when they bottled whatever it is they have in these bottles. But, this concoction of unknown contents was born at the […]

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    The Simpsons LEGO Set is Pretty Much Irresistible

    The LEGO set you never knew you wanted (until right now) is here. Well, almost here. Come February, you’ll be able to get The Simpsons in LEGO form, from the pink car to the couch to Marge’s hair. LEGO has come to an agreement with Twentieth Century Fox to create a LEGO model of the […]

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    The Simpsons Celebrate their 500th Episode! Cowabunga, Dude!

    The 500th episode of the Simpsons will air this Sunday, marking a staggering milestone for the show that is almost unmatched in television history. To put it into perspective, only two other prime-time, scripted shows have lived to see their 500th episodes – Gunsmoke and Lassie, which notched 635 and 588, respectively.

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    The Simpsons Keyboards and Mice Make You Want to Go Doh!

    We haven’t seen any decent Simpsons wares in awhile, so we were drooling like Homey would over donuts when we spotted these Simpsons keyboards and mice. Big Bad Toy Store has a selection of keyboards  and mice available for pre-order that are adorned with Simpsons imagery. Each one is cuter than the next, and would […]

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    Coveroo Your BlackBerry with a Custom Engraved Back Cover

    If you want to get your cellphone or iPod laser engraved, it’s a commitment. It’s almost like getting a tattoo for your skin – once it’s done you can’t undo it or turn your skin back to what it once was. The same holds true with laser engraving a gadget. Not to mention, it’s likely […]