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    Whoo-Hoo! A Thunderbolt to eSATA Adapter

    Thunderbolt’s transfer speeds are a good ways past what eSATA can offer. That said, if you’ve still got an eSATA drive, and it’s still good, no reason to throw it out just yet. Kanex has a new adapter that makes your Thunderbolt port friendly with eSATA connections. If you have a Mac or one of […]

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    AKiTiO Palm RAID Review – The Fastest Portable Drive EVER

    Bought a Macbook Pro or an iMac a while back, and now you’re wishing now that you had splurged for a bigger SSD? Or maybe you have just ran out of storage on your Mac? Sure, you can easily pick up an ordinary external hard drive, but if performance and portability are of utmost importance, […]