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    ThinkGeek Beach Boy Towel is Ready to Dry You Off

    Can a towel get anymore awesome? Every once and a while something comes along that is just so amazing that you can’t simply sit around and say nothing… unless you are actually sitting on this towel. The ThinkGeek Beach Boy Towel is one such item. This towel looks very similar to a very popular portable […]

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    BeachSafe is the Smartest Towel to Buy in a Heatwave

    There is a heatwave over here in the Northeast, and everyone is heading to the beach. But besides for the usual beach accessories like sunscreen, sunglasses, and some reading material, you are also bound to bring with you some type of Tablet – and of course your Smartphone. So where do you hide all these […]

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    OCD Now Available in the Color Pink

    Growing up I lived in a home with a mother who was OCD. So not only did I have to wash my hands 30 times a day before and after I did anything, regardless if it was dirty or not, I also wasn’t allowed to touch things in public with my bare hands. By the […]