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    Transformers: Age of Extinction – IMAX Review

    WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Transformers is back with director Michael Bay bringing his excessive use of CGI and explosions along with it. Transformers: Age of Extinction is the fourth movie in the franchise and takes place four years after Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Out is the whiny, screaming Shia LaBeouf who played the leading role […]

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    Transformers X MIMOBOTS are Not Megan Fox Approved

    Megan Fox may have been fired from Transformers 3, but that is not going to stop companies from pushing out Transformers merch this summer. This time Mimobots has come out with their new series called Transformers X, which include the characters OPTIMUS PRIME, leader of the AUTOBOTS, and MEGATRON, leader of the DECEPTICONS.