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    Instead of Dressing Up As Santa, How About Rinzler from TRON?

    If you thought the Sam Flynn and Quorra replica motorcycle suits from last year were cool, you’ll want to check out the new Rinzler replica motorcycle suit from UD Replicas. The suit of Tron’s user-unfriendly alter ego includes pants, jacket, boots, and gloves, all of which are made from grade A cow hide leather. All […]

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    Tron Light Disc Audio Dock from Monster Review

    When Disney’s Tron Legacy was announced, it meant two things. Devoted Tron geeks would get to see their favorite cult film rebooted. The other, since Disney was involved, meant that there’d be some serious merchandising…lots and lots of MERCHANDISING. Some of it has been toys of rather meek quality, others like the Oakley glasses or […]

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    Monster’s TRON T3 In-Ear Headphones Show up on Amazon

    Tired of all the Tron merch yet? Well the Tron T3 in-ear headphones from Monster that we spotted a few months ago have finally landed on Amazon with some in the flesh photos and details. These in-ear headphones are affordably priced at just $49.99. Chances are they made these affordable because it’s likely that the […]

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    Tron Legacy Review – Geek’s Edition

    I’m hardly a movie critic, nor do we ever do movie reviews at Chip Chick, but Tron has become such an iconic movie for geeks over the past few decades, that after having seen its sequel Tron Legacy tonight, I feel compelled to talk about it. ***Warning: Some spoilers ahead*** It’s amazing how far movie […]

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    TRON Sam Flynn Light Cycle 4GB and 8GB USB Drive

    Move over Harry Potter – TRON is ready to take over the spotlight. We have seen loads of TRON toys, collectibles, controllers, headphones etc…now it’s time for the USB Drive. The TRON Sam Flynn Light Cycle 4GB and 8GB USB Drives are light cycles inspired by the movie that come in both white and black. […]

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    Sam Flynn and Quorra TRON Replica Suits Now Available

    Ready or not the TRON items are slowly coming to market and UD Replicas is one of the first out the gate to offer up his and hers TRON suits. The Sam Flynn and and Quorra suits are incredibly detailed and are completely wearable motorcycle suits. There is body armor, reflective accents, spandex, etc…basically the […]

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    Monster Teams up with Disney for Tron Legacy T3 & T1 Headphones

    As if the recent Tron Legacy trailer that was showcased at Comic-Con last week didn’t get us psyched enough – these new Tron Legacy headphones from Monster Cable are really getting us pumped! Monster Cable has teamed up with Disney to produce several Tron Legacy products including the T1 headphones, T3 in-ear headphones, the Monster […]