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    Samsung’s 2015 SUHD TVs Pack in Nano-Crystals

    Samsung’s new line of SUHD TVs were the centerpiece of the company’s showing at CES earlier this year. At the Spring Launch event, Samsung announced pricing and availability details for its first production run of those new wonder televisions. Meant to be Samsung’s flagship line of televisions (the ‘S’ being the same as the one […]

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    NextBox Google TV Box by E FUN Will Make You Never Leave Your Couch

    At CES 2012, E FUN announced the set-top NextBox Google TV Box providing a preemptive duck and upper cut to the rumored oncoming Apple TV revolution. This tiny box lets you go web browsing, social networking, meme watching on Youtube, and peruse your normal TV channels. Yay for integration! Here are some more specs: Features […]

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    Loewe Individual 3D TV Looks Hot in Neon Pink

    There is a good reason that Loewe has named one of their latest TVs, the “Individual 3D”. That is because this TV is all about individual customization. To that effect, you can choose the color of the TV’s insets. Available colors include metallised chrome, neon pink, ebony, blue, and more. You can also choose how […]

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    8 Apps That Transform a Smart TV into a Super TV

    Now that smart TVs are bringing the Internet to the living room, it’s time to take a look at the backbone of the smart TV’s Internet offerings–the apps. Much like smartphone apps, smart TV apps in many ways define the user experience, constituting half of what the TV will be used for (the other half, […]

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    3D TV is Dead, Long Live the Smart TV

    By now, you’ve probably heard the term Smart TV bandied about once or twice. Those dedicated to the world of TV tech will no doubt be familiar, but what about the rest of us? What, exactly, are these Smart TVs? Well, do you know what a smartphone is? A good starting point to understanding Smart […]

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    RCA Releases Hybrid Portable Digital TVs

    Since the digital TV transition in the U.S., we haven’t seen all that many portable TV models show up, but with RCA’s latest Hybrid Portable televisions, that might change. These new hybrid models are amongst the first portable TVs to have reception for both Mobile DTV and standard digital TV signals. Mobile DTV in particular […]

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    Want the Lion from CBS’ Good Wife? We found it here

    Last night’s episode of the Good Wife has caused quite the stir. Partially because it was a great episode, but perhaps mostly because it featured an animated furry little lion. In the episode, Glenn Childs, connects a phone to a voice-activated lion, resulting in a scene where Cary watches while a toy lion has a […]

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    Covert Affairs Auggie Gets a Headphone Upgrade

    I’ve mentioned this before – but my latest obsession seems to be with Auggie on the show Covert Affairs and the gadgets that he uses. There hasn’t been really anything super outstanding as of late. But one thing that has changed seems to be Auggie’s headset that he uses in the office. In the first […]

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    CES 2010: Oregan launches Widget Store for TVs

    Oregan Networks, has launched its applications store  for connected TVs and hybrid STBs that will let folks select and download services and applications onto their TVs. Widgets created by TV brands and retailers that utilize Onyx on connected TVs will be access this content. The store will enable consumers to select and instantly download services […]

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    Pantech C820 Matrix Pro Review

    The new Pantech C820 Matrix Pro is an update to Pantech’s Matrix Duo, a Windows Mobile smartphone that sports both a numeric and QWERTY keypad. For those looking for a Windows Mobile device that packs in just about everything – the Pantech Matrix Pro C820 runs on AT&T’s speedy 3G network, it sports GPS, a […]

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    Seagate FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player Review

    The FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player is a pretty unique product, and in some ways it’s the first of its kind. There are an assortment of multimedia hard drives out there that are designed to carry multimedia content like videos and music from your computer that will play on to your TV. However, with these […]

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    CES 2009: JVC Micro Audio System Line

    JVC announced the release of three new micro audio systems with intriguing features.  The UX-GN6 model features a motion sensor and laser touch operation panel, a touch-sensitive illuminated control strip. With Jedi like swagger you can wave your hand in front of the system, waking it up to feel the power of the force. The […]

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    Shame on you PC.com for Celebrity Techover

    PC.com is a new web site aimed at helping ordinary folks learn about computers. Sounds good so far, right? They also have a bunch of online video shows. The most distasteful of which is – Celebrity Techover where already wealthy celebrities get expensive technology makeovers. For example – poor Josh Duhamel doesn’t have the home […]

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    Sneak Preview at Cool Upcoming Tech from AMD

    AMD has some innovative new products and technologies coming out soon and we got a sneak preview at them. First up is the upcoming Maingear Axcess HD Media Center, which isn’t just your average home entertainment media center PC. The Maingear Axcess HD Media Center is not just made to fit in with your AV […]