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    intelliPaper Turns Paper Into a USB Drive

    On the heels of their successful Kickstarter drive for swivelCard, intelliPaper has big things planned for paper. The swivelCard, which had runaway success with its Kickstarter drive, is a business card with a fold-out USB drive on the bottom. Except, the USB drive is woven into the paper—the card itself is still a flat, standard-sized […]

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    Bluelounge’s Jimi is a Fine Looking USB Extender

    Sometimes, Apple’s commitment to aesthetics gets in the way of practicality. Case in point are the new ultra-slim iMacs – there doesn’t seem to be any compelling reason to have edges so slim that they can’t hold ports, but so it goes. Those ports are hidden away in the back, which happens to be the […]

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    USB Cord is All Fish and Bones

    We can only hope that this is in no way related to the coming out party of Hello Kitty’s new, fishy friend. Fresh (or not so fresh) from Japan comes a long Micro USB charging cable disguised as a fish skeleton.

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    VERB Watch Doubles as a USB Flash Drive

    The aptly named VERB watch does a little bit more than the average watch – just barely. Inside the band of this bright, silicone wristpiece is a USB flash drive. The watch is made of smooth silicone, not unlike what you’d see on a lot of smartphone cases out there. The time-telling is done on […]

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    Rachel Zoe Designs USB Bracelet for eBay Holiday Collective

    High technology fashion today as eBay unveils their Holiday Collective, featuring five USB bracelets from top designers across the globe. We have seen many celebrity/tech collaborations but this one might be the most useful on two fronts. First, sales of the limited edition bracelets will support the Council of Fashion Designers of America, so we […]

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    USB Locket Holds Precious Memories

    You know how some people stick pictures of their loved ones in lockets, and wear them around their necks? Well, this is kinda like that, only maybe a little less sentimental. Who needs sentimentality, anyway?

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    Hello Kitty Power Strip is the Cutest Surge Protector EVER

    You have to give props to Sakar for constantly coming out with adorable Hello Kitty gadgets and accessories. But this latest one takes the cake! The Hello Kitty Molded 4 Outlet Power Strip is seriously the most adorable surge protector we have ever laid eyes upon. Heck, even if you don’t like Miss Kitty, you’re […]

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    USB Doughnut Humidifier is Calorie Free

    Breathing is something you need to do a lot. So, if you live in a place where the summer heat sucks all the water out of the air, a humidifier is nice to have. What’s better than a humidifier? A tiny one that you can throw into a glass of water, like a tiny life […]

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    Portable LapGuard with Radiation Shielding Technology Review

    We have some time to go until laptops don’t radiate extreme heat and potentially harmful wireless signals; until then we have lap guards and lap desks. The Portable LapGuard, by Digital Innovations, is particularly nice, with two USB-powered fans and a nice cushioned bottom. Shield your “sensitive reproductive area” from radiation and heat. Unlike most […]

  • USB Lipstick is the Glammest Flash Drive of Them All

    USB flash drives are slowly turning into dinosaurs. After all, who needs to carry around a USB Flash Drive anymore, when there are great free cloud storage services like Dropbox available to use? That said, this USB Lipstick Flash Drive makes me want to carry around a flash drive again. Of course this flash drive […]

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    Macally PowerGo 3-in-1 Takes Design Cues from MacBook AC Adapters

    The Macally PowerGo 3 3-in-1 Battery Charger is the ultimate charger for those who are sick of carrying several different chargers to charge several different devices, in several different places. For starters, the PowerGo3 has a USB port for gadgets that can be charged through that method. The device also features a swappable AC Wall […]

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    Hammacher Schlemmer’s Metal Detecting Sandals Review

    I have always been fascinated with metal detectors because of the allure of finding hidden loot. Do they really work? That quivering crackling noise it makes as you get closer and closer – will it reveal a huge treasure?! Instead of lugging around one of those big metal detector machines, My Treasure Seekers in conjunction […]

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    Mimobot rayD80 Review

    The Mimobot rayD80 has now been upgraded to a new body called rayD80. Of course all Mimobot’s come with a story and rayD80 is no different. His complex story is here which details how his new upgraded self, rayD80 will help save the world. Who knew USB keys would be come the future of toys?? […]

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    Lacie’s iamaKey Review

    Last week we posted about Lacie’s new USB keys that actually look like keys and now we’ve finally got to get a hands- on one of them – the iamaKey, that resembles an ordinary key. It’s a wonder that it has taken so long for someone to come up with this concept – after all, […]

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    Seagate FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player Review

    The FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player is a pretty unique product, and in some ways it’s the first of its kind. There are an assortment of multimedia hard drives out there that are designed to carry multimedia content like videos and music from your computer that will play on to your TV. However, with these […]

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    LaCie Releases Three USB Keys That Look Like Real Keys

    Last September we reported on the Aexea KeyXpress USB Key that actually looked like a ‘key’. Well who knew the firestorm that would incur, blogging about what ended up being labeled a ‘crapgadget’.  Just released today, the iamaKey and itsaKey ( unique names ) come in 4GB and 8GB capacities from LaCie and your eyes […]

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    7 Greener Gadgets and Services For Saving the Environment

    This week is officially the Greenest week of the year for us. On Wednesday we headed over to the Greener Products Expo to scope out the latest tech to help you keep stay environmentally aware. And today, there is the Greener Gadgets Conference in New York, and to kick it all off we’re giving away […]