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    This Poodle Hub Enjoys Long Walks With Your Data

    It’s nice to see a fun accessory that actually barks up the right tree – the practical one. Awash as we are in USB-powered devices, three or four USB ports are often not enough. This Poodle USB Hub solves that problem, supplying your computer with a four-port USB hub that will let you charge all […]

  • Mr. Roboto USB Hub is Domo Arigato

    The IMIXID MR. ROBOTO Hub isn’t your ordinary USB hub. This adorable robot hides several USB ports on his chest and back side. Plus, you can wind him up and watch him walk away with all your USB keys and peripheral – although he likely wont get very far. The IMIXID MR. ROBOTO Hub comes […]

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    Yubz Retro Classic Tube Speaker is also a USB Hub

    Yubz Might be famous for their retro handsets, but they’ve got a whole bunch of neat new products on the way, including the Yubz Classic Tube Speaker. The Classic Tube Speaker is a lightweight USB speaker designed with bulbs on top of it that glow and blink in time to your music. But the Classic […]

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    Quirky Space Bar is So Much More than a USB Hub

    We all could use more USB ports but usually they aren’t very steamlined or actually they take up more clutter on your desk than it’s worth. The Space Bar from Quirky is designed to house your desktop clutter while also providing additional USB ports for your gadgets. It also has a very apple-like design concept […]

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    Kensington Notebook Stand with USB 2.0 Review

    I enjoy the convenience of using a laptop computer; from composing this story from the confines of my sofa or surfing the web, a laptop computer gives you the choice of complete portability. However, there are times that I wish my laptop PC had the functionality of a full sized workstation PC. I found Kensington’s […]

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    Belkin Network USB Hub Review

    When we were first introduced to the Belkin Network USB Hub, the Belkin representative declared that the installation process was just 5 minutes. Call me skeptical, but I figured that was just a gimmick and that it was unlikely to take just 5 minutes to set up networking device that could be used with a […]