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    Volkswagen is Making the Official Vehicle of Self-Discovery Electric

    Back before internet forums, the way people found themselves was within the confines of a rusted Volkswagen microbus, along with enough friends and strangers to guarantee sufficient money for gas. So, call the I.D. Buzz a sign of the times — Volkswagen’s new concept microbus doesn’t require gas or a driver. Someday the I.D. Buzz will […]

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    The ’60s Volkswagen Beetle is Now a Brickified LEGO Car

    This counts when playing Slugbug, right? Lego’s line of auto models has really become something to admire lately, with some impressive and very well-designed sets hitting shelves (like the Technic Porsche and a Mini Cooper). If you were into those, better set aside another chunk of cash for this August — the latest auto set is […]

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    VW Camper Van Makes a Comeback in the Kitchen

    The days of the fixed-up VW camper van being the primary way young people found themselves have receded into memory. You know what that means — it’s time to bring back that memory in the form of kitschy home goods! Volkswagen gave the OK to a retro toaster and kettle bearing the classic VW logo […]

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    VW Camper Van Tent Makes You Feel Like California Dreamin’

    Feeling nostalgic for the 60’s? Or maybe just Woodstock? Well you are probably going to fall in love with this VW Camper Van Tent. This officially licensed camper by Volkswagen is an  exact replica of the 1965  VW Camper Van.  During those days, many found themselves  California Dreamin’ on their way around town to protest […]