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    This $20,000 Pikachu Watch is Rarer Than a Shiny Mewtwo

    Last time we looked into Pokémon wearables, we found a buzzer on a fabric strap. This is a little fancier than a buzzer on a fabric strap. Swiss luxury watchmakers Romain Jerome has worked with The Pokémon Company to create a version of their Moon Invader watch with Pikachu on it. Very few are going to […]

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    Timex Latest Watch Doubles as a Fitness Tracker and We Approve

    Last year, Timex became one of many traditional watchmakers to jump into wearable technology, releasing the Ironman One GPS+ in partnership with Qualcomm. That watch ended up being a tough sell — it was a standalone device that uploaded data to an app over a 4G connection, meaning it wasn’t a smartphone companion and couldn’t […]

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    This Futuristic Clock will Cost You $31k to Count the Time

    Straight from Picard-era Star Trek comes this interstellar time machine. You know, a machine. That tells time. What did you think they were talking about? L’Epee, a renowned timepiece maker from Switzerland, really did go with the Star Trek thing. It’s not just the looks or the 24th century part, either—the clock actually has ‘Starfleet […]

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    VTech Debuts its First Smartwatch, the Kidizoom

    Whenever adults get new toys, the kids have to get theirs soon after. The smartwatch is now headed to kids’ wrists with the VTech Kidizoom, a camera watch perfect for making sure your kids can spy on you. Wait, this is supposed to be a good thing, right? Smartwatch might be a strong word for […]

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    Edifice ERA300 Watches Pack in Digital Compass and Thermometer

    Casio dropped a couple new watches today in their Edifice line, and hey, it’s never too early to start thinking about Father’s Day. The two new ERA300 watches – one comes with red detailing, the other with blue – sport Casio’s Twin Sensor technology. That’s a fancy way of saying these watches have built-in digital […]

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    Modify Watches are Mod-to-Order Custom Watches

    Why have a smartwatch when you can have a watch with your cat riding a unicorn on the face? You can have that, or whatever else your imagination can will into existence, if the Mod-to-Order Kickstarter finds success. Modify Watches has been turning out modular watches for the last few years – watch faces that […]

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    ThinkGeek Showcases First of Many Arcade Inspired Watches

    Dump those smart watches and tell Apple to throw whatever iWatch plans they have in the trash. ThinkGeek will soon have something far worthier of your wrist. Later this year, they’ll be rolling out classic arcade-style watches, complete with tiny little joysticks and flashing lights. The watch faces will even be shaped like old-school arcade […]

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    The Adult Lego Watch Has Arrived: Review

    There have been many imitators, but LEGO is finally getting into the watch business for adults. Until now, their LEGO watches have been targeted at kids, but now the adults are getting some LEGO time and these aren’t just one-off pieces. There will be a collection of about 24 watches available, and they tell a […]

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    Wellograph – the Smart Watch that Cares About Your Health

    There’s no doubt that smart watches are trending right now. The new Wellograph is jumping on the bandwagon with a focus on health. The Wellograph watch, which is made of sapphire crystal, stainless steel, and aluminum, is constantly monitoring your activity. It has a built-in 9-axis motion sensor, but takes activity monitoring a step further […]

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    G-Shock Bluetooth GBX6900B Review – A Very Smart and Tough Watch

    G-Shock watches have been a classic timepiece for years now. They’re renowned for their durability and capability, especially in extreme sports. This year G-Shock had two big announcements, the first, a metal version of the iconic design, the next was the one that caught our attention: bluetooth. There’s now a version of G-Shock’s 6900 that […]

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    ZIIIRO Takes the Pocketwatch into the 21st Century

    Few things class the place up more than a pocketwatch. But, if you’re not into the old-timey look, there’s now a pretty slick-looking modern pocketwatch from ZIIIRO that you can conspicuously wear around town. The ZIIIRO Titan is one of those timepieces that is just too hip to tell time the old-fashioned way. Instead, it […]

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    Casio Baby-G Shows Off Grown-Up Fall Collection

    G-Shock came prepared for their Shock the World event last week in New York City, with product announcements for all of their lines. That includes G-Shock’s line for women, Baby-G, which will see three new models hitting stores before the year is up. Baby-G, which has always successfully toed a fine line between practicality and […]

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    Bluetooth G-Shock Watches Get Updates, Can Now Control Your iPhone’s Music

    At G-Shock’s Shock the World event last night, the brand’s new line of Bluetooth-enabled watches was announced. The GB-6900B and GB-X6900B will be capable of limited two-way interaction with smartphones – well, a few smartphones, anyway. The call and email notifications present on last year’s models are still here. What’s new is that you can […]

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    G-Shock Announces Eminem 30th Anniversary Watch

    Last night, G-Shock Was throwing a party to celebrate its 30th Anniversary. One of the biggest announcements to come out of the show was their new collaboration with Eminem. Staying true to their roots, the G-Shock will still continue to be nearly indestructible but now with even more celeb cred behind it. Casio’s newly minted […]

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    Filip Smartwatch For Kids Would Even Appeal to Adults

    Adults who like simplicity, anyway. This probably won’t be the smartwatch of your Dick Tracy dreams, but if you just want to call someone using your watch just for the sake of doing it, Filip can handle that. But, make no mistake – Filip is designed from the ground up with kids in mind. The […]