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    Motiv Ring is As Discreet As A Fitness Tracker Wearable Gets

    The Motiv Ring does everything a bulky fitness tracker does but instead of taking up real estate on your wrist as a smartwatch, it is a simple and comfortable ring made out of a feather-light titanium shell. It tracks your heart rate with an optical sensor, along with active heart rate, resting heart rate, distance, […]

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    Samsung Gear Fit2 Review

    It was way back in 2014 when Samsung first introduced the Gear Fit. Here in 2016, Samsung has finally followed it up with the Gear Fit2, a GPS fitness band with smartwatch features. The Fit2 comes with advanced fitness tracking, built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, the ability to sync with Samsung’s S Health […]

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    Withings Go Review

    It seems that every day consumers are bombarded with a new fitness wearable. Wearables unlike the cauliflower trend are here to stay. Retailing for just $79.95, Withings Go stands out from the pack by offering an uber affordable way to track your steps and work outs. For three weeks, all my activities were tracked with Withings Go […]

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    These Stylish Italian Shoes Are Actually Connected Smart Shoes

    Looks like we won’t have to wait as long as we did with smartwatches to get fashionable connected shoes. Footmoov brought their kicks to CES 2016, and while the tech inside is nice, it takes a backseat to the stylishness and craftsmanship of the shoes themselves. Footmoov is an Italian company making connected shoes with […]

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    Isaac Mizrahi Jumps On The Smartwatch Bandwagon

    Last week, we took a look at a new smartwatch HP and Titan introduced in India. Called the JUXT, that watch combined an analog watch face with a small digital display set behind the hands for displaying messages, notifications, and fitness information. JUXT was meant as a luxury option for men, but today, HP is […]

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    Forget Smartwatches, These 3 Rings Are The Next Tech Couture

    The finger is the new prized real estate for this year’s technorati. You’re starting to see a batch of Pope-sized smart rings that you can wear proudly on your finger while you’re getting something useful done. One helps you shop, one helps you sleep, and one helps you stay in touch. While not exactly demure, […]

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    Health Band Wearable Wants to Put an End to Nausea

    A solution to nausea that doesn’t involve pills that have side effects that are usually just as unwelcome as the nausea itself? That’s the dream for anyone who’s ever known morning or motion sickness, and it’s one that might come true next year if ReliefBand Technologies can deliver on its promises. Fresh off a successful […]

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    Misfit BaubleBar is the Gaudiest Activity Tracker Ever

    As opposed to smartwatches, we don’t usually expect our fitness trackers to be this fashionable, but we’re not complaining. Misfit has partnered up with BaubleBar to create some jewelry-like lockets for bracelets and necklaces bearing the Misfit Flash, and the only thing we’re liking more than the looks is the name of the new line. […]

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    UNICEF Makes a Fitness Band to Get Kids Active Against World Hunger

    With the holidays fast approaching, UNICEF has found a nice confluence of 2015 holiday gold — wearable technology and Star Wars — to help them get kids active in more ways than one. The UNICEF Kid Power Band is coming exclusively to Target, and while Star Wars might be the bait that hooks kids, there’s […]

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    Misfit Shine 2 Is More Accurate, Smaller Than the Original

    The Misfit Shine, an early pioneer of the fashionable wearable, is getting a refresh this week. The Shine 2 is coming with improvements to both hardware and software, but still manages to shrink down the body — always a win when we’re talking about wearables. The Shine 2 won’t do much different, but will do […]

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    Connected Bracelet For Teens Has a Special Secret Handshake

    Apparently secret handshakes didn’t have enough layers of complexity for some. A new charm-type bracelet called Gemio is out to add a light show to those arcane series of fist bumps, slaps, facial gestures, and whatever else goes into the ritual these days. Gemio is a connected bracelet, but Apple Watch for teens (also known […]

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    One of Our Favorite Wearables Just Got a Pink Edition

    When Withings launched the Activité Pop at CES earlier this year, we thought the color options were pretty neutral and understated. It looks like Withings is set to bring a little more pop to the Pop at IFA 2015, introducing a bright coral pink color option for the fitness tracker. The Withings Activité line stands […]

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    Moto 360 Gets New Looks for 2015

    We’ve always been big on the idea that wearables can only find mainstream success if they become fashion statements first, gadgets second. Seems like Lenovo and Motorola agree — at Lenovo’s IFA press conference tonight in Berlin, the second generation of the Moto 360 was unveiled. It’s light on hardware upgrades and new features, but […]

  • AndroidWearforiOS


    Android Wearables To Start Playing Nicely With iPhone

    Google dropped a big announcement in wearables on their official blog today — from now on, all smartwatches running Android Wear will work with iOS, making it a little harder for Apple to corner its own wearable market while opening up a whole lot of potential customers to Google’s hardware buddies. As of today, only […]

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    Ralph Lauren’s First Wearable is the PoloTech Smartshirt

    Wearable technology is about to get a lot smarter, with Ralph Lauren’s fitness-oriented PoloTech smartshirts hitting stores on August 27. Unfortunately, ladies who want to give these high-tech shirts a try will either have to make do with men’s sizing, or wait until the company introduces its women’s lineup as the shirt needs to fit […]