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    EA Sports Active 2 for Wii Review

    As I write this review my muscles ach intensely, simple task such as preparing my morning bowl of cereal have become much harder and require more focus then usual. This isn’t because I was beat up or because I did intense lifting at the gym. It’s because I decided to play EA Sports Active 2 […]

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    The Ultimate Girl Gamers Video Game Guide for the Holidays

    With so many consoles and new accessories out, it’s hard to discern which games might suit your tastes. Do you prefer the riggers of exercising when it comes to the Wii, PS3 or XBox? Do you yearn for classic arcade style games or the ever popular music rhythm games? Don’t forget there is always the […]

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    Hands on With Disney’s Epic Mickey for Wii

    One of the big highlights from New York’s Comic-Con this weekend has to be our demo of  Epic Mickey for Wii. Disney’s Epic Mickey has the potential to be the hottest game this holiday season. It features Mickey in a much darker setting then we’re used to seeing him. He’s stuck in ‘Wasteland’, a world […]

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    No Wii – No Problem, Arctic Gym is a Wii Fit Alternative

    The ARCTIC GYM is meant for those without consoles but still want to workout at home utilizing interactive peripherals. The Arctic Gym includes an interactive exercise mat that allows players to have fun while keeping fit, losing weight and burning calories at the same time. It is a video game system that detects your movements, […]

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    How to Play Hulu on the iPhone / iPad for Free

    TVersity is a free app for Windows and Linux that lets you stream movies, photos and audio files to game consoles. Now with the TVersity Media Server 1.9 update, the pro version of the app will let you stream Hulu to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The way it works is that it’s able […]

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    Netflix for Wii Review

      We all my be ensconced with the latest Wii hit Super Mario Galaxy 2. But honestly, before that game came out – the Wii was getting kind of stale and I had grown bored of the same old games that seem to be coming out for this console. Fortunately, Netflix must have sensed my […]

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    First Look at LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 for XBOX 360

    Upon entering the LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 video game launch party, I was promptly stopped at the front door to be sorted by the infamous Harry Potter sorting hat. Once the hat sorted me into Ravenclaw (hey, at least it wasn’t Hufflepuff!) I entered the party to see wizards walking around in full length […]

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    Exclusive of Ball-IT in Action as it Tries to Blow Wii Away

    Probably THE coolest development in video games EVER, Ball-IT will revolutionize gaming. Based out of Finland, Ball-IT requires no hand held controller. You don’t even need a specific gaming system. All you need is the fun, bouncy ball the size of a golf ball. Using wireless sensor technology, the ball senses your movement and controls […]

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    Boom Blox Bash Party Review

    Boom Blox Bash Party speaks to my inner child. The child that cackles with glee knocking things over, the one that walks past a beautifully stacked grocery store display and can hardly resist rolling my shopping cart right through it and being buried in a glorious avalanche of downy soft paper towels.

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    Celebrity Sports Showdown for Wii Review

    EA’s Celebrity Sports Showdown for Wii is a random combination of celebrities and obscure sports that delivers pure entertainment.  With 10 different characters and 12 outdoor sports to choose from, this is a game that has lasting appeal. Each player can choose a singer like Fergie, Avril Lavigne, LeAnn Rimes, Keith Urban and Nelly Furtado […]

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    Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360 Review

    So last year around this time we had the chance of a lifetime to review Rock Band. When we completed the review all we could say was WOW! It had everything you would want and more from a rhythm game. It opened up the genre to something new and exciting and took it places that […]