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    The Founder of Wikipedia is Building An Anti-Fake News Site

    Could the solution to fake news be found in Wikipedia? Sounds impossible considering Wikipedia’s longtime struggles with fighting bad information on their own platform, but site founder Jimmy Wales does have some interesting ideas for a news website that should be launching soon. Wikitribune is the name, and Wales says it will be dedicated to […]

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    Brother, Can You Spare Wikipedia a Dime?

    ‘Tis the season for giving, and that means every trip to Wikipedia is going to be accompanied by the pleading visage of Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. The annual Wikipedia funding drive has kicked off, as Wales seeks money to keep Wikipedia afloat, while helping to prop up the other, truly underfunded, projects of […]

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    WikiReader Gets Spring 2010 Update – Still Not Impressed

    A few months ago we got a hands-on with the Openmoko WikiReader, and today they just announced a 2010 Update. The palm-sized electronic encyclopedia that puts Wiki in your hands is still kind of useless to those with iPhones and any other smartphone. But for those folks that love their knowledge accessible in a minute, […]