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    Lenovo’s ThinkPad Android Tablet Sports a Digitizer Pen

    Lenovo might be a bit late to the tablet game, but they are making up for lost time by rolling out, not one – but three new tablets. Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Tablet Amongst these new tablets is the ThinkPad Ideapad K1. This 10.1″ tablet is running Honeycomb, or more specifically Android 3.1.

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    Speakal BTS8 Office Phone with Integrated Computer Can Video Chat

    Apparently you can put a computer in ANYTHING these days. Speakal has released and announced numerous products at this year’s CES, most notably (to fans of the BBC) are the Tardis and Top Gear iPhone docks and speakers. Their latest announcement debuts the new phone/personal computer hybrid which is creatively called the BTS8.

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    All I Want for Christmas is This $10K Origin Big O PC

    We mentioned the Origin Big O PC when it first came out, but now that we’ve actually seen it in person we need to add it to our official Santa wish-list. This Windows 7 PC gaming beast packs in the latest cutting-edge PC gaming hardware while also managing to fit in an Xbox 360 inside […]

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    Free EnhanceMySe7en Software Makes Windows 7 Run Faster

    Windows 7 feels a lot more speedier than it’s predecessors, but if you still want to get the most out of it as you possibly can, than this software download can help. EnhanceMySe7en lets you easily access settings and tweaks to help make Windows 7 run faster. In addition, it will help a take care […]

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    Looking Ahead to Windows 7

    This week I met with Intel and Microsoft to discuss the upcoming Windows 7 launch. I’ve been testing out the latest release candidate for sometime now, and have been very impressed. Certainly, the new UI changes are spiffy, but what has impressed me most is how fast and responsive the OS feels – more so […]