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    eBay Enters the Booze Business with eBay Wine

    Get your wallets on lockdown, because eBay is about to get dangerous. The online retailer now has an entire section of their site dedicated to delivering the finest wines from the around the world. Browse eBay Wine enough, and you might even be able to say things like “strong on the nose” and “floral notes” […]

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    Wine Purse is a Classier Way to Carry Around Booze

    Last year, we gave a warm welcome to the Bev-Bag, a purse with a hidden bag that could hold a little under a liter of wine. The only problem was that most of the space in the bag was reserved from things that are not booze. Vivajennz does not make the same mistake. No, Vivajennz […]

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    Motörhead Amps Up Boxed Wine

    When I first looked upon this webpage, the contents within were nearly inscrutable to me. It took a few seconds for it to settle in, like fine wine hitting your palate. Motörhead is, in fact, producing their own boxed wine.

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    VinoCaddy and Vino2Go are Perfect for Lushes

    You might have some explaining to do if you’re not judicious about when and where you use the Vino2Go. It’s a tumbler for wine drinkers, but it doesn’t leave much to the imagination – it’s transparent, and the vessel inside is shaped like a wine glass. That’s great if you want to make sure you […]

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    Build Your Wine Rack Like LEGOs With Re-Wine Classic

    Who doesn’t love to build and drink at the same time?  Re-Wine Classic are chic, re-usable solutions to protecting your wine bottles. It is also biodegradable and an environmentally-friendly way to put your booze on display.  The case is completely inter-lockable and 100% made from trash, which is a new waste composite called Polli-Ber. It […]

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    Swanky NYC Restaurant Replaces Their Wine List with an iPad

    Looking for a cool way to dine in NYC – especially during restaurant week? Well the South Gate restaurant is the first New York City restaurant to launch custom designed iPad wine tablets. The iPad is now being offered as a way for customers  to navigate South Gate’s extensive wine list of over 650 bottles. […]