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    Could Disney be the Company to Make Wireless Charging Popular?

    Wireless charging on a whole has been somewhat of a disappointing feature since it broke out on the smartphone market a few years ago. When you hear the term wireless charging, people picture walking into a room and automatically having their phone start charging. Instead, today it involves a complicated eco-system with a dedicated wireless charging pad. […]

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    Belkin Has Made Wireless Charging Pads Faster

    For whatever reason, wireless charging in smartphones hasn’t taken off like we thought it would a few years ago. So, what’s the holdup? It could be because various standards — Qi and PMA in particular — are still battling it out for dominance, with Qi having more success getting into smartphones and homes, but PMA having more […]

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    Mophie Wireless Juice Pack Bundle Review

    There is a secret all us iPhone die-hards rarely admit aloud. We are totally jealous of other brands’ wireless charging capabilities. We love our iPhones, but we are still slumming it with archaic charging chords that aren’t long enough. Worse still, the battery life leaves much to be desired. Well, if by the middle of the […]

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    Knomo’s Drop & Go Is an Ultra-Fast Battery Charging Pocket

    When we saw that Knomo would be at CES 2016 with new bags, we knew they wouldn’t disappoint. With a history of tech-friendly, fashion-forward handbags and backpacks, Knomo knows how to make the tech lifestyle more convenient and stylish, and that doesn’t change with the Drop & Go, a new pocket that will soon be […]

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    IKEA’s Wireless Charging Furniture is Finally Here

    Remember all that great IKEA furniture with the built-in wireless charging pads from a few months ago? Well, grab a golf pencil and your appetite for Swedish meatballs, because they’re finally available. IKEA has gone with the Qi standard for wireless charging, which is built into many flagship phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and […]

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    PowerKiss Spreads the Love of Wireless Charging

    PowerKiss is the name behind a series of wireless charging stations popping up in airports, cafes, and other public places, almost exclusively in Europe (for now). It originated in Finland, and, pursuant to Beyoncé’s words of wisdom, strongly suggests that those who like their smartphones put a ring on them.