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    Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch Review

    We’ve talked a fair bit about Fossil’s hybrid smartwatches lately, but it was Withings that got the ball rolling in 2014 with the Activité, an analog watch with fitness tracking sensors and a Bluetooth module hidden inside. That watch demonstrated the value of hybrid smartwatches — smart features combined with months-long battery life. But, even with the […]

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    Nokia to Buy Withings for $191 Million

    Back when Microsoft’s deal to purchase Nokia’s handset division closed in 2014, we figured that Nokia was getting out of consumer electronics for good, content to relegate themselves to the arena of telecom network hardware. Looks like we were wrong. We’ve heard rumors that Nokia is planning to build their own handsets again, but this […]

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    Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Review

    Withings has set up a health tracking platform via the Withings HealthMate App that pairs with several of their Bluetooth health tracking devices. Among their ecosystem of Bluetooth health tracking products are a smartwatch, a pulse oximeter, a scale, a thermostat, and a blood pressure monitor. We got to test out their Wireless Blood Pressure […]

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    Withings Activité Steel Review

    With their Activité line of fitness trackers, Withings has taken a very different sort of approach toward wrist-worn wearables. Rather than rely on LCD or e paper displays, Withings has instead built regular, stylish analog watches first, adding light fitness tracker functionality on top of that. The result is, in theory, ideal for anyone concerned […]

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    Thermo Is A Wi-Fi Connected Temporal Thermometer

    The days of temperature readings requiring a stick and an orifice are over. To the delight of kids everywhere and pretty much everyone, the future of taking temperature is on your temple, and Withings is at CES 2016 helping to make that future the present. Thermo is a new Wi-Fi thermometer capable of reliably taking […]

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    One of Our Favorite Wearables Just Got a Pink Edition

    When Withings launched the Activité Pop at CES earlier this year, we thought the color options were pretty neutral and understated. It looks like Withings is set to bring a little more pop to the Pop at IFA 2015, introducing a bright coral pink color option for the fitness tracker. The Withings Activité line stands […]

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    Withings Activité is the Rolex of Wearables

    Withings may have just shown everyone who is boss when it comes to smart timepieces. But first we need to give credit where it’s due – to that effect, Withings has been in the “smart” game for some time now. They were actually creating smart health devices before there was Fitbit and every other Joe […]

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    Withings Smart Sleep System Makes for a Blissful Night of Sleep

    While sleep monitoring devices abound, the Withings’ Aura really stands out as a unique Smart Sleep System. The sleep sensor slips underneath your mattress. This feeds into the table side device with multi-colored LED dimming lights that utilize a research and data driven use of lighting wavelengths that promote the secretion of Melatonin, that lovely […]

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    The Withings Smart Baby Monitor lets you use your iPhone to check on your baby

    Baby monitors used to be fairly basic devices. They’d transmit noises from a transmitter to the receiver and you’d be able to tell whether your precious was cooing or crying. Welcome to the next evolution of the baby monitor, where your receiver can be any web connected device, including your iPod, iPad, eBook or computer. The Withings Smart Baby Monitor features a 3MP camera which transmits to any connected device, allowing parents to remotely check in on their progeny. They can access both video and audio data, as well as use the inbuilt microphone in the monitor to soothe their child remotely.

    The Smart Baby Monitor is more than just a camera though, as the device includes a whole bunch of extra features. Infrared LEDs give you access to night vision, and you can also check the temperature and humidity of the room to make sure that your baby is comfortable. You can also select music to play through the monitor (lullabies etc), and stream playlists to the Smart Monitor from anywhere in the world.

    You can even go one step further, and set up personalized alarms that alert you when there is unusual behaviour relating to their movements or temperature, based on certain parameters. The monitor is cubed shape, and you simply open it to use the functionality and snap it shut to turn it off.

    The Withings Smart Baby Monitor will be available in March 2011.