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    5 Women Who Made a Difference in Tech in 2017

    We already knew the deck was stacked against women in tech — 2017 just made it abundantly clear how bad things still are. No industry went untouched by stories of sexual assault and harassment long covered up this year, as women and men alike came forward to expose predators in positions of power. The outrage didn’t […]

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    11 Cities for Women in Tech and Why They Are So Great

    If you think Washington is only busy with people creating scandals and gladiators (hello Olivia Pope!), well, you would be wrong. It is also full of awesome women working in tech. For the second year in a row, the nation’s capital nabbed the top spot in SmartAsset’s top cities for women in tech, followed by Kansas […]

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    In Defense of MommyTech – You Guys Missed the Point

    My “get a life” award for International CES goes to VentureBeat and Re/code. With thousands of new products launched — many of them for the connected home and kids market, the authors chose to focus on the name “MommyTech” – a name coined to spotlight the growing interest in building well designed products for the […]

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    2013’s Top 10 Inspiring Women in Tech

    Welcome to this years top ten list of women who are making waves in technology. This is a moment where the Chip Chick team takes a stroll down memory lane to highlight some of the breathtakingly impressive and simply amazing feats that women have undertaken this year. Be it cutting swathes in traditionally male dominated […]

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    Seven Top Ladies In Tech Over 50

    At Chip Chick we like to pay a lot of attention to the up and coming companies in technology, the exciting new startups and the hot new apps on the block. These tend to be the products that get a lot of media buzz and hype, but we think it’s’ also important to pay attention […]

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    Happy Mother’s Day! We Honor 10 Moms in Tech, Medicine and Geekdom

    Mother’s day is a time for celebration and rumination, of paying respectful attention to those that created us and shaped us. It’s a day for people worldwide to take some time out and reflect on all the good things that our mothers have achieved. Though mother’s day is a personal celebration, it’s also a universal […]

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    GeeknRolla 2011 : Celebrating Women in New Tech Start-ups

    GeeknRolla is an annual event held by TechCrunch which showcases new technology start-ups and allows entrepreneurs to meet investors in their field. They’ve just held their 2011 European conference in London, and a number of exciting tech start-ups pitched their products to a rapt audience of tech fiends and investors. I was going to tell […]