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    The Year in Tech: The Big Get Bigger and Machines Get Smarter

    Looking back, 2017 seems like a momentous year for tech. But, if it is, it’s only because of the even more dramatic effects we could see in the years to come because of what happened this year. A lot of the tech stories we saw this year could completely transform society in the years to […]

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    Our 5 Favorite Gadgets of 2017

    We go through a lot of gadgets around here from year to year, but when it’s time to look back, a few of them always rise to the top — the things we keep on using long after the review’s been written, and the things we miss having once we’ve got to send them back! This […]

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    These 4 Tech CEOs Didn’t Make It To The End of 2017

    Sometimes it’s a scandal, sometimes it’s bad management, and sometimes it’s just time to move on. Whatever the reason, every year sees its handful of high-profile executive departures in the world of tech — moves that can drastically change the course of a company for better or worse. This year saw a couple departures stemming from […]