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    Yelp is Now Using Robots to Deliver Food in San Francisco

    The brave new automated world of delivery is upon us. After seeing loads of trial runs from the likes of Chipotle, Domino’s, Amazon, and even the French postal service, serious big city robot delivery programs are getting underway. As of this week, Yelp Eat24 is using robots in a couple San Francisco neighborhoods to deliver […]

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    Next Generation Lexus Enform (2013) Speaks Bing’s Language

    The new Lexus GS series doesn’t just offer the prowess of a cheetah on the road, but it also fully embraces its tech side with the next generation of the Lexus Enform. Just like with OnStar, Ford Sync and Cadillac Cue, the Lexus Enform system looks to expand your experience within your Lexus GS vehicle by […]