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    21 Times Fans Radically Reimagined Your Favorite Star Wars Characters

    Star Wars fever is running high around these parts, and it’s not going to break until The Force Awakens hits next month. Then we’ll have a good three, maybe four months of recovery before Episode VIII hype starts, if Disney lets us rest that long. When I put it that way, it doesn’t sound like it. […]

  • MIMOMICRO are Adorable DC Comic and Star Wars MicroSD Readers

    Honestly, could Mimoco’s Mimobot line of designer USB flash drives get anymore adorable?  Today, at CES 2012 Mimoco has unveiled a new product line called MIMOMICRO. The MIMOMICRO product line may look like a flash drive, but in actuality they are adorable microSD card readers. That said, the MIMOMICRO can be used as a USB […]