New Jersey Will Now Let You Add Gender X To Your Driver’s License

New Jersey is now the latest state to let you add another option under gender to your driver’s license. Previously, you could only pick from male or female.

“M” for male, “F” for female, and “X” for unspecified are now all the options you can select from when going to get identification cards or driver’s licenses in the state.

“Gender “X” will indicate a gender is unspecified, and it will be offered alongside the existing “M” (male) and “F” (female) gender options on licenses and IDs,” The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission explained in a press release.

“This is offered not only to New Jersey residents who identify as non-binary but for anyone who prefers that their gender not be specified on their license or ID.”

MVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton said, “Diversity and inclusion are core values for New Jersey, and for all of us at the MVC.”

“We know this new option will be deeply impactful for many residents, as access to resources and the ability to live and work freely so often hinges on having documentation that correctly reflects your identity.”

The Babs Siperstein Law, which was passed in 2018, has made gender “X” possible for inclusion on New Jersey identification cards and driver’s licenses.

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission; pictured above is a photo posted to Twitter announcing gender “X”

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