Check Out This Sweet Husky’s Reaction To His New Baby Brothers

Fairfax County, Virginia. A husky and his human twin brothers have taken over the internet and stolen hearts from all over the world.

With the pandemic confining people to be quarantined at home, everyone is finding new ways to entertain and keep themselves occupied.

One such person who got creative and started documenting her husky, Pizza, is Alexandra Humbeck of Fairfax County, Virginia.

She first posted the video of her husky, named Pizza, in April 2020 through TikTok. She said that the scenarios aren’t staged, rather, they capture the dog’s personality and positive energy.

Alexandra posted a video of Pizza meeting his human twin brothers for the first time. This video went viral and started gaining many followers on social media platforms.

The twins were born in November 2020 and had to spend 55 days in the NICU. The babies were premature and needed constant medical attention.

When they returned home, Pizza was nothing but a supportive big brother to them. The video shows how Pizza was more than excited to meet his brothers; he was gently sniffing them, giving them licks, and running around the bassinets with a wagging tail. 

In further videos, we can see him standing guard and protecting the babies’ bassinets. He peaks in from time to time and checks on them. He runs behind them, following wherever the babies are being carried through the house.

TikTok; pictured above is Pizza with his baby brothers

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