The Last Text She Sent Said ‘I’m Scared’ Before The House She Was At Went Up In Flames And She Has Not Been Seen In 8 Years

Brooke had just graduated from high school, and she was really looking forward to taking the summer months to have some fun and hang out with her friends before going to college that fall.

Unfortunately, Brooke never made it to college. She went to a party that ended up altering the course of her life entirely.

MySpace; Brooke holds up a peace sign, above

June 21st, 2013. A Friday. Things started out pretty typical that day for Brooke.

She and her sister Paige both went to take their tests to get their driver’s licenses.

Brooke passed with flying colors, but Paige didn’t.

The two decided they were going to go out to a party with their cousin that night, but before they went, they stopped by their grandpa’s 70th birthday party.

As Brooke celebrated her grandpa’s life along with her family members, there was no reason for any of them to suspect that was the last time they would ever see or hear from Brooke.

Twitter; Brooke poses with one of her birthday cakes, above

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