“Horrific” Accident Sadly Takes The Lives Of A Dad, His 2 Young Daughters, And His Niece

Westville, New Jersey. According to authorities, four members of a New Jersey family died in a “horrific” car collision over the weekend.

Chief William Whinna of the Westville Police Department says the fatal tragedy happened on Saturday night, killing father George Ritter, his two daughters, and his niece.

The father and the children’s identities were confirmed through a GoFundMe page. Ritters’ daughters Alivia and Elsie, ages 5 and 9, and his niece Kenzie, age 8, were involved in the fatal crash.

The family was driving home from a toddler’s birthday celebration at the Westville Power Boat Association when the single-vehicle incident occurred around 9 p.m. in Westville.

GoFundMe; pictured above are George and the girls

Ritter, 33, was driving when the vehicle collided with a utility pole. The utility pole was positioned in front of a Pellegrino Chevrolet dealership, as per Whinna.

The cause of the accident is yet undetermined. Whinna said officials are “investigating all options at this moment” in a statement to the press.

The family’s loved ones have been heartbroken as a result of the tragic tragedy.

Brian Mammoccio, Kenzie’s dad, shared his sadness to WPVI, saying that his daughter was “caring, honest, and full of life and spark.”

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