She Made Her 14-Year-Old Daughter Sleep Outside In A Tent To Teach Her Empathy And Is Now Asking The Internet If That Was Too Much

A 34-year-old single mom living in North East England is questioning her parenting choices after she got some backlash over a recent decision she made.

She has a 16-year-old daughter named Jasmine and a 14-year-old daughter named Jessica, and their dad passed away while she still was pregnant with Jessica.

Understandably, she has had to work very hard to support her daughters all on her own. She hit rock bottom at one point and was having a hard time making ends meet, but she was able to finish her degree and go on to be successful.

Now, she lives very well, but that wasn’t always the case, and her daughters know she struggled too.

That’s why she was livid when Jasmine showed her a video of Jessica screaming at a homeless man.

In the video, Jessica said, “Stop asking me for money, you’d earn it yourself if you weren’t so f****** lazy and spending what you earned on substances.”

The homeless man replied with something about how cold it was outside and her daughter snapped back, “Yeah people camp for fun, even in December, you can’t complain, you’re living someone’s holiday.”

This mom was furious, as she had tried to raise both of her daughters to have empathy. She made Jessica find the homeless man she had berated and apologize to him.

But that’s not all she made Jessica do.

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