She’s Falling In Love With Her Husband’s Brother And Now She’s Asking The Internet What To Do

She can’t quite tell if Liam really is flirting with her, but she thinks that’s what is going on. He teases her, will drop anything to go somewhere or do something with her, and always laughs at any joke she cracks.

Will goes to bed on the early side, so she stays up late with Liam.

She also seems to think he’s starting to look at her in a very intense and affectionate way, and since they’re spending a ton of their time tanning outside, they see “each other half-naked a lot.”

She admits the tension on her part is “through the roof” and that things with Will have not been great.

“We share a ton of inside jokes. We text, even though we’re in the same house. When I see him/his name on my phone, I get that giddy feeling in my stomach like I do in the early “courtship” stages of a relationship.”

“I guess I didn’t recognize the extent of the problem until last week.”

It turns out, she started to have some very vivid personal dreams about Liam. After she woke up, she was intimate with her husband Will, “but was thinking about Liam the whole time.”

“I felt so guilty and disgusting after,” she continued. “Then, on Friday night, we were all drunk and had put on music and were just dancing stupidly.”

“Liam and I kept dancing when Will went to bed, and it got a little heated. We were “jokingly” grinding and rubbing up on each other, except it didn’t really feel like a joke.”

Now she’s wondering how her life would have turned out if she met Liam and not Will, and she’s curious about what kind of a husband Liam would make.

“I talked to Will today about possibly asking Liam to leave, under the guise of needing more privacy and more space for our relationship.”

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