This Mom Got Major Online Applause For How She Handled Her Ungrateful Daughter Throwing A Pencil Case She Bought In The Trash

Cantonment, Florida. Haley Hassell is a single mom living in Cantonment, Florida. Haley works really hard to give her daughter Presleigh everything that she has.

So when she went to three different stores to find a specific L.O.L. Surprise! Pencil Box, she expected that Presleigh would be excited and grateful…but that is not how she acted.

The way Haley handled this whole surprising situation earned her some major online applause, and here’s what went down.

Facebook; Haley and Presleigh smile together in the photo above

Haley started out by explaining that she had to teach Presleigh a “tough-love lesson” after she went to 3 stores to try to get her a very specific pencil case.

Haley did end up finding it, and when she showed Presleigh the surprise, Presleigh did not act the way Haley expected her to.

Instead of being thrilled to have the pencil case, Presleigh actually tossed it into a garbage can before heading to her bedroom and slamming the door closed.

Presleigh informed Haley that she thought the pencil case was dumb because all the kids in her classroom at school already had one.

Haley couldn’t believe what she was hearing her daughter say.

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