A Man Drove Past Her As She Was Jogging, Then Doubled Back To Snatch Her Off The Street And Kill Her

Newport, Arkansas. Sydney Sutherland was 25-years-old. She had blonde hair, brown eyes, and a charming smile. Her middle name was Claire. She worked as a nurse.

She enjoyed being active. She was kind-hearted and humble with a great sense of humor.

She lived in Jackson County, Arkansas, along with her boyfriend. The couple shared a home along Highway 18, right between the cities of Grubbs and Newport.

Although technically cities, Grubbs and Newport are far from being Chicagos and Manhattans. They’re really classic small towns located about an hour and a half drive away from Little Rock.

It’s a safe area that’s popular with outdoor enthusiasts given the amount of land and nature surrounding the cities.

And it’s an area Sydney certainly felt safe in. There was no reason for her not to.

She often went jogging or took a walk alone to get some fresh air and exercise. It was part of her routine, and her route was dotted with farms.

On Wednesday, August 19th, 2020, Sydney went out for a jog, but she never came home.

Facebook; Sydney is pictured above

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