Everything You Need To Know About Lucy Letby, The Nurse Who Allegedly Murdered 8 Babies At The Hospital Where She Worked

Looking at photos of 31-year-old Lucy Letby, you would think she’s your average, happy young woman.

Lucy worked hard studying as a nurse and graduated with her degree in 2011 from Chester University.

After she graduated, she worked at Liverpool Women’s Hospital to get more training under her belt. 

Being a nurse was a job Lucy dreamed of doing. Her colleagues said that she was a complete professional and worked hard.

She has a squeaky clean record with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and she even was their poster child for a campaign that raised nearly $3.5 million dollars for them. 

Facebook; pictured above 30-year-old nurse Lucy smiles for a photo while at a sporting event with friends

Lucy said about the council in a statement, “I enjoy seeing them progress and supporting their families.”

One of Lucy’s friends said that Lucy was kind and wouldn’t even hurt a fly. She seemed like the perfect fit for working as a neonatal nurse.

And then, between June of 2015 and June of 2016, seventeen babies died at Countess of Chester Hospital. 

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