I Never Left By McGarvey Black Book Review: A Page Turning Psychological Thriller You Need On Your Bookshelf Or Favorite Device

There’s nothing more exciting to pick and up and read than a crime-focused psychological thriller, and I Never Left by McGarvey Black checks all the boxes.

If you loved Gone Girl, Sharp Objects, and The Girl On The Train, this is for you.

This book unquestionably deserves a spot on your bookshelf or favorite device (yes, it is available as an e-book).

Cuddle up with your dog and a hot beverage and let’s get right to why that is. I promise I won’t give too much away though!

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I Never Left starts with Quinn Roberts going to a funeral…for herself. It’s not clear if Quinn took her own life, or if her husband Alec had something to do with her tragic end.

After Quinn’s best friend Viv can’t get a hold of her for 5 long days, she reaches out to her landlady Joan to let her in her apartment to check up on her.

Quinn is discovered by Joan and Viv in her apartment…surrounded by a rainbow assortment of pills.

Did Quinn actually take her own life? Was it someone else close to her?

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